What DFLOW Random Nozzle will fit my system?
We can create any sized Nozzle/ adapter to fit your reef/freshwater outlet, message us and we will request what measurement we will need to correctly recommend the correct size. We create push over adaptors to convert your straight pipe/variation of locline into our standard outlet.
Do I need extra locline and adapters for the Fluval Evo DFLOW Nozzle?
If your nozzle is not 1inch below the water line, then yes, we recommend getting a few pieces of our connector line to lower the nozzle for correct functionality
Why are there bubbles coming from my nozzle after installing?
Bubbles normally occur when your nozzle is sucking in air from the surface of the water, try lowering the nozzle to solve this.
My nozzles are very difficult to push onto the locline connectors what do I do?
Connectors and Nozzles will be a very tight fit to each other to ensure best performance, pushing these together can be difficult and we recommend heating the pieces in warm water which will make them easier to pull and push together.
Does the DFLOW Fluval Evo Baskets fit the Fluval 60L Version?
Yes, the FLUVAL EVO 52L media baskets will correctly fit the 60L version no problem at all.
Do I need a plug for Chamber 2 of my Fluval Evo?
Our new variation of our FLUVAL EVO DFLOW Media baskets now does not require a separate plug if you have the Chamber 2 media basket as this will block the hole from the inside. A plug can still be supplied if you require.
My Water is not falling into chamber 2 basket correctly?
This is due to a mixture of 2 things, either the return pump in your EVO is not strong enough, we recommend the DCS 1200 LPH return pump OR your water level in chamber 3 is not high enough to correctly allow the flow the cascade over your chamber 2 basket.
What Media do I put inside my DFLOW media baskets?
We have created a YouTube video checkout out our YouTube channel @ DFLOWDESIGNS where we show what media we like to use. As a summary we use (Filter Floss for the top of chamber 1 & 2 , then we use activated carbon, phosphate remover absorber occasionally, and then we use a variation of ceramic media)
How do I correctly install My FLUVAL EVO DFLOW Baskets?
Our Baskets are designed to only fit in a single way into the FLUVAL EVO Chambers. Normally the smaller basket will be for chamber 1 and the larger will be for chamber 2. If you require any help with this send us a message on our socials.
Do I need DFLOW Media basket 1 for Basket 2 to function correctly or vice versa
No, our baskets will work correctly on their own as well, so you are able to run a skimmer with chamber 2 basket for example.
My flow is quite slow through my DFLOW Media Baskets what is wrong?
This can be due to the power of your return pump or it can be it due to the use of too much media in the chambers and so restricting most of the flow through the baskets.
Do you guys make Media Basket for my System?
We can and we will. If you have a system that you would like a media basket for designed and manufactured by us a DFLOW get in contact and we can work something out for you.
What Return Pump is recommended for the Fluval Evo?
We recommend the DCS 1200 LPH pump, it is the best we have tested and comes with an external controller which is great, the pump requires a small modification by trimming the intake by a few mm but this can be done in a matter of minutes.
Do I need a wavemaker now that I have upgraded my return pump and Have DFLOW Random Flow Nozzles?
The answer to this is very situational. We personally find with the addition of a stronger 1000LPH return pump and a ½ Inch DFLOW Nozzle there is adequate flow in such a small system which will not require any additional larger wavemakers spoiling the system.
Do you guys do any custom designs that I may think of for my system?
Yes, we certainly do we are expertly trained in 3D Modeling and design and can bring your ideas the life regardless of the application.
Has my Order been dispatched yet? And when will I expect delivery?
You will receive a dispatch notification via the email you have left at checkout on your order when your order has been dispatched, we dispatched using Royal Mail first class for most of our orders which are estimated to take between 1-2 working days. this can sometimes be longer.
Can I have tracking information for my Order?
our domestic orders are not supplied with tracking numbers unless purchased at checkout. For international orders the option is provided to choose tracked or not we highly recommend picking tracked option so you can track the progress of your order through the postage system
My order has been damaged in Shipping what can I do?
if there has been any damage to your order during shipping please send us a message or email at any of our social and we will 100% sort this out for you. 
Do you guys ship to my country?
At DFLOW we ship world-wide at checkout you can enter your address and it will provide you with the postage costs to your location in the world.