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Fluval Evo Filtration Pack DFLOW

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This is our most popular Filtration Bundle for all new Fluval Evo Owners - It contains our D Flow Designs Chamber Fluval Evo media basket Combo Updated 2020 Model- These media basket combo allows you to make efficient use of the chamber 1 and  2 in the tank. It allows you to place various filter media on its different layers and forces the flow of the water to pass through each level of the basket to provide superior filtration 

It also comes with our 1/2 Inch Nozzle and 2 pieces of our 1/2inch locline to bring random flow crucial to the health of your system. 


Chamber 1 ( Including Built-in Flow Director) 

Chamber 2 ( built in Chamber 2 plug )


1/2 Inch Nozzle and 2 1/2 inch connectors